Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday Guests

We warned you. As Booman documents, once again the "proper," universally-accepted type of Sunday TV Talk Show guest is unavailable to us today:
On Face the Nation, Lindsey Graham is balanced by Evan Bayh. On Meet the Press, Orrin Hatch is balanced by Harold Ford. On This Week, Mitch McConnell is balanced by no one. On Fox News Sunday, Mitt Romney is balanced by no one. On State of the Union, Tom DeLay is balanced out by Chris Van Hollen and Brian Baird. Obviously, that means there are no progressives and, aside from Van Hollen, no mainstream Democrats. It's extreme right-wingers matched up against the most 'centrist' Democrats in the business.
Sorry. Maybe sometime in the next century.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you get Liz Cheney and her father?

Anonymous said...

Waiting to see if Liz will be making the rounds since being told to STFU by some leading conservatives this week.