Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break '10

Sean Dugas must have drawn the short straw at the Pensacola News Journal. Today, he puts his name on the obligatory Spring- Break- on- the- Beach column. The lede says it all:
Meeting hot co-eds while enjoying a beach Spring Break is a collegiate dream of many who visit Pensacola Beach.
If meeting "hot co-eds" is the "collegiate dream" of anyone visiting Pensacola Beach, then we need a better class of Spring Breakers. They're wasting their time and money in school.

It gets worse. "Creating romance shouldn’t be a problem," Dugan writes, "but creating a good pick-up line after a Capt’n Fun Bushwacker might be."

Much of the rest reads like a supplement to The Bartender's Guide. But, our favorite over-the-top, gushing purple prose is this little piece of advice:
Nothing says, “I’d like someone to talk with,” like a solitary walk at sunset or a pair of bare shoulders at the pool in need of sun screen.
No, Sean. Someone taking "a solitary walk at sunset" just might be saying, "I'd like to be as far away from over-sexed, drunken journalists as I can get."

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