Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Worthless Testimony

A reader sends us an alert that Rep. Dave Murzin's "Christian Student Veto Bill" is 'moving forward' in the Florida state legislature. The Northwest Florida Daily News reports:
The principal, football coach and former student body president of Pace High School successfully urged a House committee Monday to approve a bill forbidding public school officials from interfering with student-led prayer.
Essentially, what Murzin's bill would do is attempt to nullify a century of rulings by the federal courts, including the consent judgment entered last year by U.S. District Judge Casey Rogers. But, as we have said before, that's not possible. States cannot constitutionally "interpret or limit or nullify "the supreme law of the land."

That issue was decided by the American Civil War (1861-1865). This apparently comes as news to Pace High School Principal Frank Lay and his two 'Christians' in arms, but the Union won that war and the southern secessionist states lost. As one of the consequences, the First Amendment's prohibition against government-sponsored religion and religious exercises now applies to Florida and all of its constituent counties, cities, and towns.

Murzin's proposed bill not only is nutty, it's offensive -- even traitorous -- to the memory of the Union soldiers who sacrificed their lives to prevent just such 'state nullification'.

Okay, maybe a bonehead football coach can't be expected to know his own country's history. And it's for sure anyone unfortunate enough to have graduated from Pace High School is in need of remedial education.

By now, however, high school principal Frank Lay -- who confessed under oath that he automatically ordered prayers at school functions because he "didn't think about it" -- should have gotten the message. That he hasn't tells us that he's not only stupid; he's also a shameless liar whose testimony -- in court or in the legislature -- is worthless.

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