Friday, March 19, 2010

The Eight Years War...

... and counting.

Here's a time-line of the worst war idea ever hatched by any U.S. president over our nation's two hundred and thirty-three year history. The war in Iraq is seven years old today, almost to the hour. Going on eight.

From Crooks and Liars:
"As of today, iCasualties lists 4,703 allied service members killed in Iraq and Iraq Body Count estimates that 95,680 - 104,382 Iraqi civilians (not insurgents/military/soldiers) have been killed.

"And that doesn't include injured veterans or those who committed suicide. Tens of thousands of families have been torn apart by the what we now know was the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. We've spent $747.3 BILLION in Iraq, with the full cooperation of the pearl-clutching deficit hawks in the Republican Party.

"And not one of us can honestly claim that we are safer. What a sad anniversary."


Anonymous said...

I feel safer. After 9/11 the world was a dangerous place. What Bush did took balls with a capital"B". In Clintons eyes the only danger was getting caught with his zipper down.

Anonymous said...

I am sure we are all so glad that you feel safer. 750 billion dollars and counting spent, millions of lives destroyed or ended, all for an illegal war.

Clinton is your straw man. We won't let that bother us, though, since most of us know that facts just get in the way with you war mongering Bush supporters. Bush's balls were in the wrong place, if he indeed did have any. Most men have a brain where Bush's balls were.

What a moron.

Anonymous said...

OK liberal smart ass tell me your facts

Sivicus said...

Fact- NO WMD
Fact- NO mission accomplished
Fact- NO connection with 9-11
Fact- MORE than 100,000 innocent Iraqis dead
FACT- MORE than 30,000 US soldiers injured or maimed for life
Fact- This war will cost MORE than $3 TRILLION dollars including future VA care for legless, armless and permanently damaged US personnel
Fact- war NEVER "paid for itself" with Iraq oil
Fact- war cost US influence through whole world
Fact- Bin Laden not caught dead or alive.
Fact- Bush let him escape from Tora Bora
Fact- Bush let ALL Bin Ladens in US escape after 9-11
Fact- Cheney's Halliburton was doing business with Saddam before AND after 9-11

Opinion: Bush's presidency almost destroyed our once great and respected country, and may yet do so when all the bills for his mistakes and lies come in.

Anonymous said...

The liberal press really has you brainwashed. The only danger to this country are people like you.

Anonymous said...

Your moronic support of the fear mongering is the definition of brainwashed.

"Six billion dollars later, the Afghan National Police can't begin to do their jobs right—never mind relieve American forces."

Six billion dollars, spent on a war that we can't win.

"America has spent more than $6 billion since 2002 in an effort to create an effective Afghan police force, buying weapons, building police academies, and hiring defense contractors to train the recruits—but the program has been a disaster. More than $322 million worth of invoices for police training were approved even though the funds were poorly accounted for, according to a government audit, and fewer than 12 percent of the country's police units are capable of operating on their own."

You continue your bleating, while America keeps fighting a devastatingly costly war, and goes to hell financially, all because some cowboy from Texas told us to be afraid.

What a moron.

Anonymous said...

Fighting the war on terrorism in this country would have been much costlier in money and lives. I seem to recall 3,000 lives and trillions in one event. America was hated before G.B.II. We have a basic disagreement that only history will settle. Nice talking to you.

Anonymous said...

Travel back in time.

Suggested reading for you:

Bush and his administration were a complete failure, almost from day one.

No one denies we were attacked, it is how we responded that has cost us dearly, whether you agree, or even like it, that is the truth.

History will confirm it. We will live it.