Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Graphic Made Wolf Do It

Glenn Greenwald (in the Update section) is uncommonly generous to Wolf Blitzer:
Credit where it's due, I suppose, though the use of those chyrons was only a part of the journalistic heinousness in how CNN and Blitzer covered that story.
As it happens, Blitzer didn't mention his Twitter message promoting the "intense debate about Obama Justice Dept. bringing in lawyers who previously represented Gitmo detainees" or the other graphics referencing Dept. of Justice lawyers as the "Al Qaeda 7?"

In fact, Blizter blamed only one of the "chyrons," or graphics, for promoting Liz Cheney's McCarthyite tactics. Moreover, he almost made it sound like he was in the bathroom at the time.
When he explained it all happened, "as we were going to a commercial break," was Wolf Blitzer trying to escape personal responsibility or merely evade the blame? We'd like to put together a "fair and balanced" Sunday Talk Show panel to debate the issue, just as soon as the networks free up John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Newt Gingrich, Harold Ford, and Tom Delay.

Don't hold your breath. It may be awhile.

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Anonymous said...

Tom Delay is available and will be on CNN Sunday morning to discuss just how poorly this administration is doing. Or something like that.