Tuesday, March 30, 2010

North Florida Welcome Mat

You can tell a Right Wing wacko by his driving habits. That's the observation by a reader of Ezra Klein's blistering take-down of WaPo columnists Robert Samuelson (no, not the Robert Samuelson) and the deeply disturbed Charles Krauthhammer.

Klein was pointing out how both long-time favorites of right-wing Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt recently wrote anti-health care reform articles that show they suffer from an "absence of empathy... that borders on a clinical disorder." To this, reader "nylund" adds a comment that describes his parallel observations "now that I've moved to a conservative area in a conservative state." He writes:
Nearly every single conservative take on policy can really be summed up by "I got mine, eff you." Now that I've moved... I've found this extends beyond the editorial pages of political coverage but to nearly every aspect of life. Even things as simple as merging lanes become NIGHTMARES because everyone puts the self above the common good. I swear that most would prefer that a 10 car pileup happen in their rear view mirror rather than let another car merge into their lane ahead of them. The wife and I are shocked on nearly a daily basis by how much disregard and an absolute lack of empathy we see for others in all aspects of life on a daily basis.

And the GOP (and its increasing Randianism) actually tells them such behavior should be viewed as a virtue!

Hey, nylund! Welcome to Pensacola!

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