Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Funny

Jamie Paige today yanks at the covers to expose the ugly in-fighting at the Maritime Park Committee ["Power Struggle Erupts Over Park Nomination"]. Essentially, the article offers a rare glimpse into Pensacola's good ol' boy network.

There's all manner of inside gossipy stuff, here, including rare mention of long-time "political power-broker" Jim Reeves and the oft-whispered-about, semi-mysterious "Irish Politician's Club" that inhabits a windowless room in the bowels of McGuire's downtown restaurant. Amidst all the blowing smoke and hilarity of watching greedy developers biting at each other, this inconsequential tidbit leaped out at us:
"We no longer have a master politician on this board," Merting said, referring to Collier's resignation. "Some might say being a judge is not a political job. Oh, contraire. We need someone who can get things done when it comes to getting permits and support and things like that."
One might call that a journalistic foe-pah.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I was at the meeting where John Merting made that comment and that is the way he said it. He may have meant to say au contraire, but I think Jamie quoted him accurately.