Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Calling All Tourists

Shoot First
Pistol Packin' Peaden

Visit Florida - If You Dare

Durrell Peaden's Legacy

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RightDemocrat said...

The NRA is taking on big business in supporting legislation in Florida that would guarantee the right of workers to keep a gun in a locked vehicle in the company parking lot. Workers often have to travel through dangerous areas to get to their place of employment. If a company bans guns locked in a car of their parking lot, they are in effect prohibiting the employee from having a gun while traveling to and from work. It's a classic case of the rights of workers versus big business interests. I would love to see the NRA win this one. I hope that Governor Jeb Bush will grow a spine and support this proposal. Bush claims to support the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. I know that he caved into the illegal aliens on the driver's license issue, but let's hope that Bush will take a stand for the safety of Florida's workers by allowing them to travel to and from work with guns. If a company is worried about potential workplace violence, hire more security guards - the cost can come out of the absurd salaries being paid to corporate CEO's. You will note that country club Republicans like the chairman of Duval County's Republican Party - also a big business lobbyist - are lining up against the proposal. Link to article from Florida Times-Union