Saturday, October 22, 2005

'Misleading Miller'

The Associated Press reports on New York Times' executive editor Bill Keller's email culpa to the staff:
"Judith Miller's boss says The New York Times reporter "appears to have misled the newspaper's editors about her role in the CIA leak controversy."
And she lied to "the Times' Washington bureau chief Bill Taubman." And she apparently lied to the grand jury when "the reporter told prosecutors at first that she did not believe the June meeting would have involved Plame." Which means she lied to Times' readers when she wrote about "My Four Hours Testifying In the Federal Grand Jury Room."

Miller denies it all. But can you believe her?

Firedoglake sees all of this as a sign the Times is ready to "Throw Judy From the Train." And why not? A prevaricating reporter whose editor doesn't even believe her is hard for readers to credit.

We're likely to see more Timesly knives coming out tomorrow when Public Editor Byron Calame publishes his promised 'assessment' after interviewing Miller, Keller, and publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

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