Wednesday, October 05, 2005

T.S. Tammy

Tropical storm Tammy formed off the east coast of Florida near Brevard county, the National Hurricane Center declared this morning. The center of the storm is several hundred miles southeast of Pensacola and seems unlikely to directly affect Northwest Florida.

A tropical storm warning was issued early this morning from Cocoa Beach northward to South Santee River, South Carolina. The chances of Tammy coming within 65 nautical miles of Pensacola by Saturday is pegged at only 10 percent.

At least the western edge of the storm appears likely to affect Orlando, however. Ironically, the Associated Press is reporting today that much of Florida's tourist industry from Orlando to Panama City appears to have been 'blown away' by the active tropical season.

Only two tropical storm names remain for the season -- Vince and Wilma. Once the end of the alphabet is reached, National Hurricane Center experts assure us the storms will stop.

Just kidding. They've got 24 more names after that!

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