Saturday, October 08, 2005

Whew! That Was Close!

Front page, Business Section, Pensacola News Journal:
Pensacola has emerged as the winner over Atlanta and Denver, Colo., in the relocation plans of Intelligent Management Solutions Inc., a job search firm currently headquartered in Gulf Breeze.

* * *
The company currently has 21 employees.

The decision to move its operations to Pensacola was the result of space availability and job-creation incentives from the city, said company Vice President and General Manager Ted Gorder.

The chamber assisted the company in obtaining a Qualified Target Industry tax refund incentive. The performance-based measure provides a $3,000-per-job refund of state taxes over several years providing that Intelligent Management Solutions meets projected employment numbers and pays above average wages.
Now, let's see. Gulf Breeze, where the company is presently located, is 5.7 miles away from Pensacola... 334 miles from Atlanta... and another 1,405 miles from Denver.

By the way, this blog is thinking about relocating to, ahh.... ummm.... Seattle, maybe.... or Honolulu! Yeah. Yeah! Honolulu. That's it.

For the right price, though, we might reconsider and move across the bridge.

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Bryan said...

Exactly when are we going to see a success story from one of these exercises, the example that shows that a local community actually recovered its lost taxes because of one of these give-aways?

Where is the benefit of doing this?