Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Fun

Uncle Sam and you have just saved Wall Street from itself. It's great fun watching the heads of the laissez-faire, greed is good crowd explode on CNBC. Every capitalist principle they've clung to has been exposed as a myth.


beachdog said...

Yeah but who will bail ot the TOWN OF SURFSIDE from its 2008 financial fall from grace and into the deep pit of waste and incompetence? After years of having balanced budgets and building a safe emergency reserve and savings and money for capital projects a new commission comes in at 2006 and squanders it all by 2008 and its time for debt and downfall so in the minds of officials its time for a diversion? Or are they just stepping into another pile of their own making?
In the wake of a torrent of horrible decisions based upon flawed judgment and questionable priorities, and with the Town facing a financial crisis brought on by a series of extremely poor decisions, current Surfside Florida Town officials have made their latest target the removal of the howitzer artillery display piece from Surfside Veterans Park. They plan to give it away.

Several years ago, Town officials worked for diligently for three years for the Town to be granted that memorial display (1998 - 2001). Personnel from the Town, including the Town Commission and administrators, veterans, reservists, and active duty men and women from virtually all branches of the military were involved in the effort. We made formal requests in accordance with all proper procedures. The Town's sincere and demonstrated appreciation of all veterans through many programs, projects, events, and other efforts was recognized at all levels. The howitzer was made available in 2001 and provided to the Town by the US Army on the agreed condition that it be displayed where it now is at Surfside Veterans Park as a memorial and tribute to those who serve and those who have served. Prior to the arrival of the display, the Town renovated Veterans Park, installed new landscaping, irrigation, pavers and flagpoles and made vast upgrades to the site. We proudly accepted the howitzer and brought it from a distant depot to South Florida and installed it properly where it remains today. It is a symbol of our community's respect, admiration and appreciation for those who have served and sacrificed to protect and defend our nation and the freedom that our citizens enjoy.
1992 - 2006

Surfside created, presented, supported, and participated in many, many efforts to honor veterans and to sincerely thank them for their service. Examples include:

Memorial Day Ceremonies
Veterans Day Ceremonies
Pearl Harbor Remembrances
Surfside Military Discount Program Honoring all active duty and veteran personnel
Honoring the Fleet Week, USS Bataan, Avon Park Bombing Range, Richmond Naval Air Station, FTL Naval
Air Station, and South Florida Military History projects
Support for local JROTC programs at public schools
Renovation of Surfside Veterans Park
Recipient of Howitzer Display Piece from US Army
Cooperative projects with the US Coast Guard and CGAux.
Visited by Vice Commander, USSOUTHCOM
Visited by Admirals, Generals, and Senior Officers of All Branches
Cooperative International Relief Projects - Town and Military efforts
Rally for America
Participation in local military ceremonies and tributes


Town officials decommission the Town's traditional support for veterans related programs and then very recently announce plans to remove the Howitzer from Veterans Park and to give it away to an outside organization rather than to maintain it at its designated static display location at Surfside Veterans Park where it serves as a tribute to those who have served - and who serve today - and who sacrifice for our nation. Surfside is proud of its public service, of its appreciation for veterans' service, and for its role in local, state, national and international missions of service and good will and of helping to set an example. Therefore residents of Surfside should not be assumed to be associated in any way with the disrespect and dishonor of the current Town officials who while covered in pretense, act to remove symbols of American pride.

Everyone has the right to say something and do something about this unfortunate situation.

MichiganMP said...

Wild situation defies everything we'd want to believe but the photos and emails and letters posted on other web sites show its truth.

Shame on Surfside officials.

Veterans Park should be preserved not insulted. They dont paint an artillery piece then they say it isnt maintained. They want to use the park as a dog park and breed cat colonies instead of leave the place absolutely alone like any solumn memorial should be. Just like it is. What is up their sleeve do these politicians want to put their own names up somewhere as if they did something good when they do only bad, bad.

43-45AB said...

City officials in Surfside disrespect veterans everywhere when they disrespect veterans of their own area. That park was created with thought. With sensitivity. With sincerity. Honor the people who made that park and its monument and flags and yes - its howitzer - and honor them for being upstanding people. And stand in the way of the city officials there today who want to destroy something honorable that should never be messed with. Simple, non-pretentious, solumn, that set-up at Surfside Veterans Park, across from the ocean and at the gateway to a small city, is what America is all about. And it is so insane that anyone would be trying to eliminate it, move it, change it, give it away. No way. No way.