Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Storm Story: Keystone Kop Rescue

Yesterday on Pensacola Beach a county deputy sheriff sitting on an ATV tried to warn young, fit, surfers near the Gulf Pier out of the water, made dangerous by Hurricane Ike. In all fairness, the deputy's heart was in the right place. But his head? Well....

Not surprisingly, the surfers wound up rescuing the deputy. Unfortunately for the deputy, two beach goers were armed with video cameras -- that latest Can't-Do-Without-It beach toy. Here's the whole story from two different perspectives:

iVert3 - Kop to the Rescue

Sharpshooter1220 - Surfers to the Rescue of the Kop

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PJ said...

That's gotta hurt your pride but it all worked out. Nice camera work in the first one. Some one cleraly has a steady hand and editing skills.
I have a couple of blogs, a personal blog and s Pensacola Daily Photo blog. I found you through Barrier Island Gull. Isn't she just amazing? I'll come back after Ike blows through and see what you're about. Ciao!