Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sarah Palin's Per Diem

When an "an utter neophyte" like Sarah Palin is picked as a vice presidential candidate, many challenges confront the voters, or at least voters of the kind who care enough to think through their choice. Many of those challenges in Palin's case arise from the fact that the neophyte has had so little experience beyond being mayor of a tiny town.

For example, if she hasn't been put, much, in temptation's way how can we know if Sarah Palin is honest? She hasn't had the chance to steal big-time. But is there any reason to think she might, if elected?

Turns out there is. When in the small time, Sarah Palin was stealing small. According to the Washington Post:
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has billed taxpayers for 312 nights spent in her own home during her first 19 months in office, charging a "per diem" allowance intended to cover meals and incidental expenses while traveling on state business. The governor also has charged the state for travel expenses to take her children on official out-of-town missions.
Asked Monday about the official policy on charging for children's travel expenses, the Alaska state finance director, Kim Garnero, told the Washington Post: "We cover the expenses of anyone who's conducting state business. I can't imagine kids could be doing that."

Fudging on your per diem isn't a crime, exactly. But it is a window into the soul.


Anonymous said...

Lets get to the facts, Alaska state capital the city of Juneau is only accessible by plane or boat yes its 600 miles from our largest city Anchorage. Also us Alaskans prefer to have our Governor in our major city so she can be accessible. our previous governor had the state pay for an apartment in anchorage. Lets not mention all the state legislators get perdium also including the dems that live in Juneau city. Palin is saving us alaskan taxpayers money by not living in the Juneau governor mansion. If this is all your crack team of sophisticated big city drive by media can come up with HA HA HA.

Anonymous said...

Alaskans have been pushing our representative to move our capitol Juneau city for years (witch can only be reached by plane or boat & is snowed in 1/2 the winter) to our most populated city, Anchorage. The Governors mansion just happens to be in Juneau city but 95% of Alaska's business is done in Anchorage city. Governor Palin is saving the taxpayers money by living in her own home and driving herself to work every day. Our legislative session in Alaska is only 90 days for lawmakers to spend in Juneau the rest of the time is spent back in Anchorage. The Governor is not going to stay hanging out in Juneau city away from the majority of people. This story is so full of holes its sunk.

MrQuestion said...

So tell me about all the business conducted by her kids?

Get back to me when the spin machine get's it figured out.

Tom said...

Governor Palin's travel expenses were about 80% less than the previous governor's. By the rules Governor Palin was eligible for more reimbursements for family travel than she actually took. This is the kind of corruption we definitely need in Washington DC.

Anonymous said...

It costs the state of Alaska $356,500.00 annually to maintain and staff the Governor’s Mansion in Juneau. That is where the governor of Alaska is supposed to live while serving their term. The State Capitol, and legislature, is about a hundred yards down the street. Governor Palin prefers to live at home in Wasilla, over 600 miles away, and collect per diem, while the state continues to pour the money into the empty Governor’s Mansion in Juneau. That is not efficient or ethical.


Anonymous said...

Make sure to read the Washington Post’s article about Todd Palin:

A line from the article doesn't square with Palin's per diem claim that Juneau is her home base; " Among the listed purposes for his trips were meetings about mansion renovations; the Palins wanted to make the house suitable for family visits, although they opted not to live there full time.”