Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tex-Mex Landfall for Ike Predicted

It's still very early in the forecasting cycle for Hurricane Ike, but by midday Tuesday the various computer models are coming into close agreement, as FortBendNow.com in Texas reports:
Hurricane Ike is forecast to strengthen significantly as it enters the Gulf, but computer forecasting models no longer show the storm hitting shore near Galveston.

The four of the six major forecasting models used by the National Hurricane Center now show Ike coming ashore early Saturday at or south of Corpus Christi. Two show the storm hitting the northern Mexico coast.
Here's what the Navy meteorologists have to say:

The Tex-Mex border near Harlingen is a fast-growing area with many densely-populated colonias along the Mexican side of the border. If Hurricane Ike strikes near there, it could result in much hardship and loss of life.

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