Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain's Speech by the Numbers

In his 50-minute acceptance speech at the Republican convention last night, 25-year veteran U.S. Senator John McCain talked about himself almost to the exclusion of any other topic. And on nothing -- absolutely nothing -- did he offer specifics.

David Corn and My DD did the counting:
Number of sentences about McCain's experience as a POW in Vietnam: 43
Number of sentences about his 25 years in the House and Senate: 8
Climate Change:0
Health Care/Insurance (okay, one sentence): 1
Torture: 0
Abortion: 0
Police Work/Crime/Illegal Drugs: 0
Same-Sex issues (marriage, benefits, etc.): 0
The War in Afghanistan: 0
Pakistan (or the Taliban): 0
Counterinsurgency doctrine: 0
[drumroll, please...] Osama bin Laden: 0
On the economy, Jonathan Cohn writes in the New Republic that McCain merely noted "people's economic struggles." But what did he actually propose to do? "Nothing terribly useful."

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