Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blogging Houston-Galveston

Done, so you don't have to.

Houston Blogs:

  • Houston Strategies. Blog by a Houston "social systems architect," whatever that is. Updating the hurricane daily.

  • Diane's Stuff. Good blogging while plywooding.

  • (Sometimes) Photoblog. Close-up photos of bees and such from a Houston photographer, but he provides these helpful links to local weather radar.

  • Alex Maccise. Intensive graphics, audio, and video links. Has a Houston webcam but it was off-line last we checked.

  • Patron Belle Lettres Teresa is 21 years old, works in "fragrances" at Sears, and hopes to go to college. She writes, "I am here in Houston and now we are told to go farther north than Houston! This sucks! * * * My neighborhood has begun to flood easily lately as I noticed the last time that we had a heavy constant down pour - and Ricardo was able to play with his remote control boat in the front yard!

  • Right Side of the Rainbow. Blog by a self-described "right-of-center, gun-owning, gay Texan."

  • A Day In The Night of a Stripper. 37-year old Houston teacher, Brighton, reports, "We are outta here."But she'll resume posting soon from a nearby evacuation hidey-hole. (Why on earth would a school teacher give such a name to her blog??

Sugarland Blogs

Galveston/Texas City Area Blogs:

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