Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Oily Politicians

From today's Miami Herald (free registration required):
"Talks begin today in Washington, D.C., that could lead to drilling off the Florida shoreline -- particularly along the Panhandle coast, where petroleum companies believe gas reserves are huge.

* * *
This time around, several House members from Florida [including Northwest Florida's Jeff Miller] have agreed to endorse a 125-mile "no drill" buffer around the state in exchange for the creation of "gas only" leases in the long-coveted region known as the Destin Dome, off the coast of Fort Walton Beach, and other natural gas reserves 30 miles off the Pensacola coast.

The measure, expected to be tucked into the House budget plan and the House energy bill, would eliminate the existing ban on drilling off Florida coasts, auction off leases to the gas-rich region along the Florida-Alabama line known as Lease Sale 181 within three months and limit the 125-mile buffer to five years for gas drilling and 10 years for oil drilling.
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