Friday, September 02, 2005

Streaming New Orleans Radio - Updated x 4

The venerable clear channel WWL (870 AM) has been streaming live news and talk from New Orleans throughout the post-Katrina emergency. It's also reachable on many standard radios across the South and much of the nation's midsection (especially at night).

WWL is one of the oldest radio stations in the nation, antedating even the predecessor to the FCC, the Federal Radio Commission. It's been written that in radio's very earliest 'wild west' days before federal regulation of radio frequencies, the station's wattage was so powerful Louisiana cows would hurt themselves rubbing up against the tingling barbed wire fences.

Early Friday morning, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin could be heard weeping openly as he described the dead he's found and the desperate straits the city is in. The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that the mayor late yesterday bluntly said, "Federal and state officials need to stop having 'goddamn press conferences' and get the relief effort rolling."

The station's web site also is displaying multiple links to supporting blogs, help and information web sites, and charitable organizations involved in the post-Katrina search, rescue, and recovery.

WWL is a CBS affiliate. CBS radio news reported at 5 a.m. Friday that an explosion heard in New Orleans "may be a chemical plant." The report is not yet confirmed.

More Update

After the national CBS radio news report, a local WWL newsman an hour later reported that the explosion apparently came from a warehouse and "is not toxic."

Friday PM Update

A Times Picayune's capital reporter reports that three fires are burning. One is in the 3500 block of Chartes Street at a warehouse "used to store discarded oil products... ." The second is "on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish" but nothing more is known. The third fire is "in a building behind the Windsor Court Hotel in downtown New Orleans." No other details are available.

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