Thursday, September 01, 2005

More FEMA Obit

Sorry to have missed this earlier: Yesterday, it seems, local area blog Why Now? made some of the same points about FEMA that were made here earlier today -- and more.

The post is titled Reality. Here's an excerpt:
I've been through this drill several times recently, so let me share: FEMA is not going to give you the aid you think and may ask for what it gives you back; your insurance company is not going to help you, they are going to wear you down until you accept less than you are owned; your assistance from the government is inversely proportional to their resources, local government will help a lot but assistance tapers to almost nothing from the Feds.
Read more.

Also, courtesy of Talking Points Memo, there's this 2004 article about the "exodus" of competent FEMA managers in the Independent Weekly.

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