Monday, September 01, 2008

Executive Experience

Wasilla, Alaska City Hall
"Where Sarah Palin presided as mayor and held the door for the guy who came in twice a month to stock the Pepsi machine."

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Lyle in Bangkok said...

Oh no! This image is simultaneously funny and frightening.

I came across this blog after Googling "gustav pensacola" -- I live in Bangkok but my parents have lived in Pensacola for 17 years. My parents are doing fine but they always downplay the hurricanes y'all endure; I mean, they told me Ivan was no big deal but they ended up losing half of their roof!

Anyway I'm tickled to have scored a double find thanks to Google: information on Gustav AND humorous, trenchant observations on the 2008 presidential race. Who'da thunk it would be so easy to stumble across a non-rightwing blog based in Escambia County?! lol