Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Channeling Russert

"Nepotism among the Beltway whores is a time honored tradition which should not be confined to the likes of the cretinous Cokie Roberts."
This is too funny. The Sturdy Beggars, as Jerry and Joe Long are known, comment on media star Brian Williams commenting on what dead media star Tim Russert might comment about if he were suddenly to pop up from the grave and wing it to Denver.

Okay, we know there aren't enough news makers in Denver for Williams and his like-minded Tee-Vee media hair-dos at the other networks to interview. They'd much prefer talking to each other than actually televise, much less interview, convention speakers. But now they're reduced to channeling dead Tee-Vee media hair-dos?

Jerry and Joe play along, snarkily:
What would Tim think? Gee Brian that's a toughy... he'd probably think what you think and Stephanopoulos thinks and Gibson thinks and Brokaw thinks and Couric thinks and Blitzer thinks... you know... somewhere safely inside the parameters of debate. Maybe for divergent views there'd be a round-table with David Broder drooling fossilized idiocy and Jon Meacham spouting biblical idiocy and Matalin and Carville encapsulating idiocy at the genetic level.
Joe and Jerry's last line, about Hunter Thompson, is a killer. Please read it.

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