Saturday, August 09, 2008

Peacock In Private?

So it seems that when John Peacock offered to answer questions about the mysterious SRIA "special meeting" agenda, he didn't mean he was willing to answer them in public. No, he'll offer his answers only in private.

Rather odd for a public official, paid with public money, who is thought by some to have violated the public's right to know under the Government in the Sunshine law, wouldn't you think? So much for citizen accountability in this age of cyberdemocracy.

But we see do see the possibility of a thin ray of light, here. He says in the comments section following our ten questions, "My offer was that for us (you and I and whomever else YOU would like) to meet and I will answer ANY and ALL questions... ."

If we can get him, the guy we "would like" to accompany us is Michael Stewart. Stewart's an investigative reporter for the Pensacola News Journal. We hear he has some questions of his own for Mr. Peacock that have been going unanswered.

Stewart's also a prolific writer who seems to be way smarter than certain Florida judges, though it's hard to know for sure when the judges issue only one word opinions.

Care for a 2-on-1 conversation, Mr. Peacock? On the record, of course. We'll supply the video camera.


Anonymous said...

I would not expect Peacock to meet with you. He lies.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. Who's puppet is he? He is sure pushing the strong mayor thing