Friday, August 29, 2008

A Heart Beat Away from the Nuclear Button

John McCain just tapped Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential pick. Palin is the neophyte governor of scandal-plagued Alaska with 18 months' experience whose longest public service has been to serve as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, when it had a population of 5,470.

What in heck is going on, here? Does John McCain really intend to put this abecedarian's finger on the nuclear button, second only to a 72-year old wannabe president who has had four melanomas and three plane crashes?

By her own admission just a month ago, Palin can't even answer "what is it exactly that the VP does every day?"

Little ol' Pensacola's John Fogg has far more experience, for goodness' sake. Heck, the mayor of Milton, Florida (pop. 7,045) carries heavier public responsibilities. And we wouldn't want either of them running the world's only superpower, would we?

This is a blunder of epic proportions. Epic. Worse than Quayle. Worse than Admiral James ("Who am I? What am I doing here?") Stockdale.

And, we hear there is a lot more negative stuff about to come out, from her extremist libertarian theology to her disagreement with McCain over arctic drilling, to her past medical records and her wacko creationist views. Palin is going to make the unfortunate Thomas Eagleton look like a sane choice, by comparison.

Meanwhile, the Tee-Vee hair-dos -- we kid you not -- are complimenting McCain on how deftly he maneuvered them into not reporting much this morning about Barack Obama's remarkable acceptance speech last night. "Stop us before we get snookered again," they seem to be saying.

Yeah, right.

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