Friday, August 29, 2008

Gustav Regains its Gusto

Gustav is again a hurricane. And, it is still confounding the experts at the National Hurricane Center. All they feel comfortable saying publicly is:
  • "Conditions over the Gulf appear to support a major hurricane;" and
  • "Final landfall remains possible throughout the Northern Gulf Coast."
If you drill down deep enough on the Hurricane City Message boards, you'll run across a plausible but unsourced assertion earlier today that NHC forecasters --
have shifted the course to the east, but not as far as they wanted to. The comment was made that they wanted to avoid the "Windshield Wiper" effect. Expect NHC to move the course further east at the next update.
Repeat: unsourced. We shall see just how far east, if at all, that cone shifts over the next 48 hours....

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Dave said...

Although this is scheduled to miss us, I'm still going through the motions of getting prepared. Testing hurricane shutters, buying food/water, etc. After all, we have a few more contenders out there (Hanna, Ike)..