Monday, August 11, 2008

Spy Profits

Today's south Florida Sun-Sentinel:
It's the only highway leading to Pensacola Beach, so up to 100,000 vehicles travel that road on any given weekend, Gulf Breeze Police spokesman Kevin Jenks said.
* * *
Since installing the cameras in 2006, Gulf Breeze has issued 3,300 violations and has generated $261,575 in revenue, Gulf Breeze officials said.
Some time ago, a callow and confused columnist for the Gulf Breeze weekly newspaper scoffed at "conspiracy theorists" who object to the "seemingly endless network of video cameras" that track our every move through Gulf Breeze. No Big Brother, here, he argued.

"Yes," he wrote, "we are being watched." But, what "conspiracy theorists forget about is the effectiveness of the American way of life."

Would that American way of life, by any chance, include the profit motive?

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