Monday, August 25, 2008

Homeland Insanity Dept.

Neighboring blogger Why Now? notes "there isn't a brain to be found anywhere in the world of 'Homeland Security.'" To be sure, anyone who's tried to fly out of Pensacola lately could tell you that.

But if you need more evidence, read Keith Richburg's article in yesterday's WaPo, titled "Homeland Security Comes to Vermont." Incredibly, what the Homeland Insanity Dept. is doing there is making enemies of our peaceful Canadian neighbors to north.
First was the white, painted lettering on the pavement on three little side streets -- "Canada" on one side, "U.S.A." on the other. Then came the white pylons denoting which side of the border was which. After that, signboards were erected on some streets, ordering drivers to turn back and use an officially designated entry point.

And along with the signposts came an influx of American Border Patrol agents, cruising through the town in their green-and-white sport-utility vehicles with sirens, chasing down cars and mopeds that ignored the posted warnings.

For longtime residents accustomed to a simpler life that flowed freely across a largely invisible border, the final shock -- and what made most people really take notice -- was a proposal by the border agents last year to erect fences on the small streets to officially barricade the United States from Canada, and neighbor from neighbor.

"They're stirring up a little hate and discontent with that deal," said Claire Currier, who grew up in this border area and works at Brown's Drug Store, which has operated on the same spot since 1884. "It's like putting up a barrier. We've all intermingled for years."
When you alienate a whole town of Canadians, you know you've done something stupid. Ossama bin Laden can go home, now. Homeland Security is doing his destructive work for him.

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