Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pensacola Beach Drilling: Compare and Contrast


In the past two days both presidential candidates have squarely addressed the gas crisis. It is an issue of special importance to Pensacola Beach residents, and those who love the beach, since every time you hear about proposals to drill in the "eastern Gulf" what they're really talking about is allowing drill rigs and undersea pipelines within a tar ball's float of Pensacola Beach.

Here, in their own words, you can compare and contrast the positions of Republican candidate John McCain and Democratic candidate Barack Obama. Judge for yourself, but this is how we summarize things:

Shorter McCain: "Drill here, drill now."

Short Obama: "Oil companies should start by drilling on the 68 million acres they already have access to and haven't touched... If they don't use it, they should lose it. ''

USA Today agrees: "Obama outlines energy plan; McCain advocates drilling."
John McCain
(Aug. 3, 2008)

Barack Obama

(Aug. 4, 2008)


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Los Angeles Times via TPM:
On June 10, John B. Hess, a top executive at the oil company with his family name, summoned friends to the 21 Club, a former speakeasy in Manhattan, and delivered $285,000 to John McCain and the Republican National Committee.

A week later, McCain traveled to Texas and announced his support for offshore oil drilling...

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